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It’s time to ditch messy in-box hair dye applicators. Get fast, precise, salon quality at home with Dye Candy’s patented Hummingbird applicator.

“I really like how the tip parts my hair while I apply the color.”

~ Drugstore color on thick, textured hair

“I love it! Can’t wait til I can have my own Hummingbird.”

~ Uses salon color for root maintenance

“It was really comfortable to hold and so easy to control the flow.”

~ Fine, blonde hair with 30% gray  
Revolutionary New Design

Perfect control
Zero mess

Level up your home color game. Protect your hair from the damage of poor application from bad applicators, and have fun along the way.

Self color, meet self care.

In-box Applicator Problem

Contort applicator, arms & body to make the dye come out
Shake, tilt, squeeze, shake again, turn, repeat
Color glops where it falls
Slow application cooks, fries & frizzes hair
Inky home-done look
A dreaded task

The Hummingbird Fix

It works upright so you can see what you're doing
Delivers an even, controlled flow from a pointed tip
Pinpoint control color flow
Engineered for speed & glide so no overprocessing
Dimensional salon-look
A self-care experience

An authentic solution from a hairdresser turned home colorist, who wasn’t willing to compromise

I had no idea it was so hard to self-apply hair color and achieve a salon look until I left my 15 year salon career. So I made it my mission to invent a better applicator, a better experience, and a better outcome for all home colorists.

—Kathryn Madison, Dye Candy Founder & Inventor of the Hummingbird

Patented Technology

Still using your grandma’s applicator?

In-box applicators haven’t changed in decades. You’ll never see your stylist using one...so why should you? 

Meet the Hummingbird.


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The Hummingbird in Action

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